Master Stylist/Colorist

Kristin is a highly skilled master stylist with an impressive 20 years of experience in the beauty industry. Her true passion lies in curly hair, and she has dedicated herself to becoming an expert in this field. With certifications in Ouidad and Rëzo, Kristin has honed her techniques to provide the best possible care and styling for curly hair. In addition to her expertise in curls, she is also a pro at color placement for her curly clients. Whether it’s balayages or highlights, Kristin knows how to create beautiful and natural-looking color that complements and enhances curly hairstyles. With her extensive knowledge and years of experience, Kristin is the go-to stylist for those looking to embrace their natural curls and achieve stunning, personalized looks.
Fun fact: Kristin loves spicy margaritas and shrimp tacos, has 2 beautiful daughters and a dog named Bugatti 🫶


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